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Friday, 29 July 2011

The Today Show, Matt Lauer about her divorce from ex-husband Charlie Sheen

It was turn back the clock day for competing morning talk show summer concerts.

Tiffany and Debbie Gibson performed in Central Park for Good Morning America this morning.

Their competition: Journey, performing on the Plaza for the Today show. Matt Lauer noted that Don't Stop Believin' - which has been on Journey's set list for three decades - was named the No. 1 most-downloaded song of the 20th Century by SoundScan.

On Tuesday's episode of "The Today Show" Denise Richards opened up to Matt Lauer about her divorce from ex-husband Charlie Sheen, saying, "The man I fell in love with is a very compassionate, humble [man] who has a wonderful heart, and the behavior that a lot of us saw in the last six months is not the person...I fell in love with."

Richards, who just adopted a baby girl, was on the show to promote her new book, "The Real Girl Next Door," her first foray into writing, and a book she hopes will help others who are suffering through difficult divorces to realize that, despite enduring the emotional exhaustion of messy divorces and custody battles, there is light at the end of the tunnel:

"I think that a lot of women and men who are going through divorce can relate to my feelings of being angry, scared, and guilty...I want someone who is going through a similarly difficult situation to have hope."

As for her relationship with her ex-husband, set to star in a new sitcom about anger management, today? "We're doing good," she says.

And despite Sheen's public indiscretions over the past year, Richards is hopeful of Sheen's future as well as her own. "I still care very much for him...he's a survivor. If anyone can pull themselves together, it's Charlie."

Journey is the embodiment of the people’s rock band

Band takes fans on Journey back into their memories and those represent a small sampling of instances in which Journey’s music has permeated pop culture beyond its rock moorings. It’s tempting to say that Journey is the Energizer Bunny of bands, except for the fact that Journey was born before that marketing critter (1973, as opposed to 1988) and has lasted longer.

“Journey is the ultimate embodiment of the people’s rock band,” noted Steve Horowitz, who teaches an online course called “Rock and Roll in America” at the University of Iowa. “Except for during the band’s early years as Santana band refugees performing jazz-rock, critics have hated Journey for their slick style.

Journey stands as perhaps the quintessential example of rock by association.

Journey’s music isn’t just part of the soundtrack in the background of your life. Rather it’s pegged to specific events, moments or experiences.

If you’re a “Caddyshack” fan, your mind may Journey back to the scene when Rodney Dangerfield blasts “Any Way You Want It” from his golf bag, interrupting Ted Knight in mid swing. In 2007, “Don’t Stop Believin’” played from a diner’s jukebox as the HBO series “The Sopranos” ended. More recently, “Don’t Stop Believin’” was covered by the cast of “Glee.

Thursday, 28 July 2011

Gene Simmons Engaged

In video footage for their reality show 'Gene Simmons Family Jewels', he asks Shannon: "I come with so much luggage, but you're the only friend I've got, you're the only one I've ever loved, you're the only one I love, and the only one I ever will love. I've never said those words to anybody, and I don't ever wanna...

The Kiss bassist – who claims to have slept with over 2,000 women and has for a long time vowed never to marry – popped the question to the actress-and-former-Playboy model, in Belize recently.

"It's hilarious, they used to watch movies where they say I can't live without you but for me it's true."

He then gets down on one lap and says "will you wed me," at which point Shannon is crying.

Gene, 61, and Shannon, 54, have been together for 27 years and have two children, Nicholas, 22, and Sophie, 19.

The 'Rock and Roll All Nite' hitmaker has before made his views on marriage very clear, saying in 2007: "I don't believe man is designed to be married. Marriage means nothing to me. Happiness means everything. All I see in marriage is a lot of desperately unhappy people.

"The problem with marriage is somebody else has a right to say how you lead your life. Not even your mother has that right, and she gave you life itself. Why would you ever give anybody else that right?"

Albert Haynesworth make an impact

While mayhem was expected when the N.F.L. ended its lockout Monday and launched an instant off-season, everyone predicted the frenetic pace of player movement would resemble a swap meet for billionaires. But it would not be proper mayhem unless something really head-slapping happened. Like, say, the Patriots trading for Albert Haynesworth.

The Patriots have seen DL Albert Haynesworth make an impact. Bill Belichick will try to get that kind of production out of him in New England.


By Sean Dougherty, USA TODAY

The Redskins solved their second major locker room conundrum in two days by dealing Haynesworth to the Patriots for a 2013 fifth-round pick Thursday.

ESPN's Adam Schefter first reported the development.

Haynesworth set a then-record in 2009 by getting $41 million guaranteed from the Redskins while signing a seven-year, $100 million pact.

After signing the megadeal, Haynesworth said: "You're not going to remember Albert Haynesworth as a bust."

But the former all-pro never produced in Washington and repeatedly clashed with coach Mike Shanahan in 2010 over conditioning and his unhappiness with Washington's newly installed 3-4 defense, which Haynesworth felt minimized his talents. He was ultimately suspended for the final four games.

Redskins DC Jim Haslett told a St. Louis radio station in June, "(Haynesworth) doesn't want to do anything. To me, that's the issue. He's one of those guys you walk in a meeting and you tell him, 'Put down the phone.' The next day you have to tell him to put down the phone. The next day, you tell him to put down the phone."

Patriots coach Bill Belichick also runs a 3-4 in New England -- though NT Vince Wilfork capably handles the middle -- so Haynesworth will likely spend most of his time at end. New England does run enough variations of the alignment to potentially keep him mollified ... not that Belichick is in the business of pandering to his players. However the three-time Super Bowl-winning coach has had success with former NFL malcontents in RB Corey Dillon and WR Randy Moss.

The Haynesworth deal comes a day after the Redskins agreed to trade QB Donovan McNabb to the Vikings.

Wednesday, 27 July 2011


BRASILIA, JULY 27: Football
legend Pele on Tuesday
accepted an invitation from
Brazilian President Dilma
Rousseff to act as an honorary
ambassador for the
2014 World Cup.
The 70-year-old Brazilian said
it was an honour that he
could not turn down.
“From the first World Cup
that I played (in 1958) I've
been doing this: I defend and
promote Brazil. It's a very big
responsibility and I could not
turn down the invitation,”
said Pele.
Pele told his compatriots to
show their pride in hosting
the tournament by putting
aside criticism over delays
and the slow pace of preparations
to stage the best
World Cup possible.
Sports Minister Orlando Silva
said that Pele had been a natural
choice because of “all he
had done for sport in Brazil.
He's a man who knows a lot
about the world of football.
He's going to help and represent
Pele won the World Cup
three times - 1958, 1962 and
1970 - and is the top scorer
of all time with 1,281 goals
throughout his career.

AFC election

president Prince Ali Al-Hussein
says the Asian Football
Confederation should waste no
time in electing a new president,
despite pleas from
Mohamed bin Hammam for
members to give him time to
appeal his life ban for bribery.
China's Zhang Jilong has
been interim AFC president
since bin Hammam was suspended
last month. Bin
Hammam, who helped his
native Qatar win the right to
host the 2022World Cup, has
stated he has no intention of
quitting as AFC president and
will appeal his ban to FIFA and
the Court of Arbitration for
The AFC executive committee
will meet Friday and
Jordan's Prince Ali, who has
ruled out standing for the AFC
presidency, said thatwhile bin
Hammam has the right to
appeal, the process of replacing
himshould not be allowed
to drag on.
“Mr. bin Hammam has the
right to appeal and that is his
own personal decision andwe
respect that,”PrinceAli toldThe
Associated Press in an email.
“However, it would be unacceptable
for anyone to try and
drag AFC and Asian football
into any process through irresponsible
action. I certainlywill
not accept that.”
On AFC-headed paper, bin
Hammamwrote toAsianmembers
on Monday urging their
support during his appeal and
anticipated delays before he
can present his case.
PrinceAli's viewwas echoed
by Japan Football Association
president JunjiOgura,whosaid
earlier Tuesday that bin
Hammam “has been banned
for life so I think an election
needs to be held.”
“He doesn't think he has
done anythingwrong and said
he has no intention of quitting
as AFC President and FIFA
executive,” Ogura said, referring
to a letterhe receivedfrom
bin Hammam.
Zhang respondedtotheFIFA
decision at the weekend by
issuing a statement saying it
was a “sad day for the AFC and
Asian football.”
and we also acknowledge former
AFC President Mohamed
bin Hammam's inalienable
right to lodge anappeal against
the decision.”
Requests for interviewswith
Zhang and AFC executive
members have beenrepeatedly
declined by the AFC, which
says the outcome of Friday's
meeting will be announced in
a statement and no members
will be available for comment.
PrinceAli saidhedidn't think
the binHammamaffairwould
damage the reputation of
MiddleEast football,whichwas
on an upswing afterQatarwas
last year awarded the right to
host the 2022World Cup.
“Football in theMiddle East
is advancing step by step and
we all must continue to focus
on developing the game in the
best interest of the players and
the fans,” he said.
“I have great faith inmy colleagues
inwestAsia and across
the continent and I am confident
that wewillwork hand in
hand and in all transparency,”
Prince Ali told the AP by email.
“That is thework ethic thatwe
aspire to. At the same time,we
have to be vigilant and address
Prince Ali said that the ideal
choice for thenextAFCpresident
wouldbe someonewho“runson
a clear platform, who explains
himself and his vision and presents
a program on how he sees
the future of AFC, rather than
running on a political platform
or based on geography.”

Bayern Munich both won penalty shootouts

MUNICH, JULY 27: Barcelona and
Bayern Munich both won
penalty shootouts to advance
to the final of the Audi Cup, a
warm-uptournament ahead of
the European season.
Champions League winner
Barcelona beat Internacional
Porto Algeria 4-2 on penalties
after a 2-2 draw on Tuesday.
Bayern beat AC Milan 5-3
after a 1-1 drawin 90minutes.
Extra time was not played.
The final isWednesday.
Barcelona played without
Lionel Messi and many other
regulars but still led twice
before theBrazilianside rallied
both times.
Thiago Alcantara scored in
the 14th for Barcelona and
Jonathandos Santos addedthe
second in the 63rd.Nei scored
for Internacional in the 56th
and LeandroDamiao notched
the late equalizer inthe 85th to
send the match into the
shootout - only to miss a key
penalty for theBrazilians.Pinto
then converted to seal
Barcelona's win.
Bayern fell behind to a
fourth-minute goal by Zlatan
Ibrahimovic beforeToniKroos
equalized in the 34th.
AlbertoPaloschi senthis spot
kick high and Bastian
Schweinsteiger converted his
to send Bayern to the final.
Robinho played in the second
half for Milan and
AlexandrePato came onlate in
the game.
Bayern was without Franck
Ribery because of an ankle
injury and Arjen Robben hobbled
off in the second half.
Coach JuppHeynckes said the
Dutchwinger had a bruise and
should be back after a couple
of days.
Bayern's Dutch playmaker
Robbenis injuredandwillmiss
his club's first fixture of the
upcoming season onAugust 1.
Robben had to be replaced
in the 63rdminute of Bayern's
friendly game againstACMilan
on Tuesday after suffering a
knock to his thigh.
"Ihope it'snothing serious,"
said Bayern coach Jupp
The injuryhas ruledhimout
ofMonday's first roundcuptie.
Meanwhile, following speculation
over Bastian
Schweinsteiger's possible
departure, Bayern Munich
coach Jupp Heynckes has
n recent weeks, rumours
have emerged claiming that
Milan is keen on the Germany
international. However, the
playerhas yet to indicate interest
inleaving, andwithhis contract
set to expire in 2016,
Bayern has no need to sell.
The coach did suggest, however,
that the 26-year-old has
declined over the last 12
“Bastian Schweinsteiger is
heldinhighregardat this club,”
Heynckes saidaccording toSky.
“A year ago he was playing on
the same level as players such
as Xavi and Andres Iniesta.
“He is not for sale.”
The coach also weighed
in on Arturo Vidal's
recent transfer from
Bayer Leverkusen to
Juventus. Although
he was not pleased
with the Chilean's
decision not to join
Bayern, Heynckes
wished the player
well in his future
“I am absolutely
disappointed because
Arturo told me he wanted
to joinme at BayernMunich,”
he said.
After allegedly committing
to join Bayern either this summer
or the next, Vidal opted
instead to move to Juve. The
engaged in a war of the words
asof late,butHeynckes appears
to have extended an olive
branch with his latest comments.