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Saturday, 5 June 2010

Sex violence for world cup for South Africa 2010

40,000 prostitutes bound for South Africa for the 2010 World Cup, officials warn.

11 June 2010 the Fifa world cup will be held. Officials are warning that tens of thousands of sex workers could enter South Africa during this year’s World Cup, and that children are at risk of being targeted by the sex trade. The authority already informs that the young girl moving to the prostitution by pressures.

Many of the human being says that the prostitution is legal. The Does valley news informs that in the morning near about 15 students has come at Durban. There advised them if anybody brings them by pressure which way protect you. Hard covering covers that room. Indoor side in the room is darkness.

Most of them in the room young girl mainly advise for them by Vongive Mathetoa. She is a religious adviser and in charge in the local church. She found an organization for safe the teenager for this situation. The aim of the organization safe the South African teenager for this dangerous period Especially for the period of soccer world cup the teenager had been fallen in the dangerous situation. Vongive Mathetoa and she’s companions has arrangement near about 100 classified conferences for this reason. Especially advised them which way they safe themselves from unknown persons. Several time announced, “You are always be carefully” if any unknown persons give them food or drink will never received or eat that. They provide food and drink will contain any drug. By the Zolo Language always published and explore by their custom clear for all understand. Already some kidnapped news has published. The kidnapper is travel with their camera around the road. They snapped young girl. That picture has provided for the soccer world cup guesthouse. The Vongive says “ that the kidnapper have every corner of the country ” Especially they travel around the poverty area at all time. All the school is closed at the soccer world cup time. In that the moment easily can take them form anywhere when they are play and round. The time of the soccer world cup our children is affected too much hazardous situation. If we are capable we bring our children out of the South Africa in the soccer world cup time. Safe for the teenager had founded the organization every time arrange that discussion. In the conference 24 years Mandisha says which way she was kidnapped for bound make a sex worker. Mandisha says she’s miserable story “ At first senseless me by drug” I can’t keep in mind anything. What come to pass? And what happen my side I can’t realize. That the human kidnap me he arrest me at the room. My leg and hand has roped is that circumstances he has rape me after that sent me various customer room”. After unbreakable try Mandisha has unrestricted from them. After release Mandisha has gone the soccer world cup authority. In this period 40 thousand young girl try to be sent prostitutions inform South African Police.

Another organization “South African Darban” mandatory the prostitution became into legality. For this don’t try to be any teenager by force. Chief of the organization Viviun Lalu Says “ It should be before soccer world cup” this is illegal for reason how many people is infected by HIV virus this value we don’t know. Viviun more says if the profession is to be legal than we can realize how many people infected by HIV viruses. Then can’t bring any by pressure for the prostitute for that should control the HIV.

World Cup organizers say up to 40,000 prostitutes were recruited for this year’s event, which takes place in a country where 16 percent of the population is believed to be living with HIV.

Officials also raised the possibility that local children would be recruited into the prostitution business partly due to the fact that World Cup takes place during a four-week national school holiday.

The concerns were raised at a meeting of the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime.

Davis Bayever, South Africa’s deputy chair of the country’s Central Drug Authority, said his government feared the large influx of sex workers and pledged an attempt to stem the tide.

"It's horrific and very concerning," Bayever said. "Money talks, and if you're a sex worker then there is going to be money in South Africa in 2010."

Bayever said that passport checks, screening, and profiling will take place at the borders to try and prevent illegal arrivals. He believes the women will be traveling from all over the world, especially Eastern Europe.

Especially troubling was the prospect that impoverished children would be lured into sex work by the country’s sordid drug and prostitution underworld.

"There is no doubt that they will be targeted to become prostitutes," Bayever said. "Children from poor rural families will be given a carrot by criminals who tell them they will have a job if they come to the big city."

Around 450,000 fans are expected to travel to South Africa to attend this year’s World Cup.

The world cup 2006 in the Germany was says 40 thousand young girls has kidnap for prostitution. At the last moment not found a single for this those bring in Germany for prostitution's. At South Africa at the end will that.


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